Why choose mediocrity?

Why choose mediocrity, when you can choose greater?

Why limit your abilities below the standards of our Creator?

Procrastinating; never now, always later.

Because nowadays not faith but fear is what we favour.

So we wait for society’s permission

Leading a life of submission, to the system, of fitting (in),

Suppressing the identity that God has given

Keeping your light just dim enough, in order to be hidden,

So you no longer shine too bright, right?

Or just low enough, to prevent it from obstructing someone else’s vision…

We display faith even smaller than that mustard seed.

But see, seeds grow…like potential.

So even when life looks soily & dim, water the talents that you have been given.

Because It’s OK to start small but stagnation is a no.

Yes, He is the vine and we are the branches, but there is still sufficient space to grow.

See, mediocrity, it’s like a bird that can fly but just won’t.

So instead of soaring, you’re sore about the achievements of every other person…

…But imagine how different things would be if you lived out what JESUS saw, the truth.

The sad thing is that most times it’s us youth.

Demographically we’re satisfied using any old excuse.

But imagine if young David did that and looked down at his abilities with aloof.

But no… He became greater than the greatest with one lethal shot at it;

Biblical proof.

So why choose mediocrity, when you can choose greater?

Step out, be bold and shine your light.

At least do yourself that favour.