Me too.

They say God makes a test a testimony.

But can it still be called a testimony if it’s not shared? If it’s not heard? If it’s not made clear?

What if you’re afraid. What if you’re seen as too human rather than superchristian. Too weak, unholy, too easily tempted.

Well here’s the gospel truth. I have struggled too. I have gone through trials too. I have doubted too. But I still get up. 

Staying depressed? Jesus didn’t die for that.

Accepting defeat? Jesus didn’t die for…

Finding security in your insecurity? Jesus just didn’t.

The bible says that we overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the WORD. 

By our words, by our testimony.

By passing those tests. 

So SPEAK out. Even when it’s awkward. Even when we’re scarred and still healing and it seems forward.

For trials build character. And Character building is Christ’ forte. 

So Speak. My struggles may not be your struggles but if we face struggles together then sure enough we won’t be struggling forever.

Shorter falls and stronger heights.

For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of might. His power within us. His blood that covers us. His covenant made to us. So stay high. 

I rise because he rose and so will you. 

You see, my scars are healing because his flesh deep stripes were  real and now he’s alive. 

So if you think I’m immune, I’m not. But it’s not so much the fall but how you get up that counts. It took Jesus 3 days. How long will you allow?

I am a testimony because I, by God’s grace, have overcome a test. & that shaped me into the best me yet.

& Yes, people can judge, people may boo, but sharing a problem halves the problem and so if you’re willing to be an ambassador of healing then

Me too.

Happy New Year!

Written on 23/11/16 

Premature Love

Premature Love: The Visual

Don’t awaken love before it’s time

Don’t snatch a heart before it’s prime, before it’s right

Sweetly poisoned by the love songs you fall asleep to at night

Seeking the Light…

But merely hoping that this new guy becomes Mr “Right”

Instead of praying you search the profiles persistent to find the one.

Lamp shade, dimmed hope, seeking warmth from everything but the Son..

…rays, smith and toms you rate yourself low, weigh your worth, paint on a smile, still picture, your beauty is fleeting.

Pieces of your Soul stay tied to every random, time wasting, godless guy

you date.

But you don’t understand that recreation can never recreate what God intended for man and his wife.

Unity, purpose, monogamy, wholeness… to love with ALL of ones life.

Jesus took a knife to his will

A whip to his flesh, in the name of purpose

In the name of love

Mission from above
Yet we start howling and abusing at a mere cuss!?

So we put up the fence of offence in our relationships in the defence of pride

But were the holes in his sides all vein? Blood stained, thorn crowned mane, took OUR blame so relationships can withstand.

Torn curtain so we can truly love and be loved again…

But don’t awaken love before it’s time;

For time is God’s currency.

Love is God’s language,

So we must live in God’s culture, in order to translate.