Christian Aid: Peace

They say an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind…

But how often do You stop to be kind…

or loving enough to consider someone outside your world?

Out of sight, out of mind?

Like the natural disasters, the famine and war?

Called to be peacemakers yet

we allow peace to grow weary right next door

We so easily mute the tears of that child so sculpted by grief

So consumed by what falls only under our sky

..boxed into me, myself and pride

Remote and controlled by I TV

Like when we forget to forgive like

We aren’t living under forgiveness

Like when we refrain from giving, like we aren’t beneficiaries of God’s goodness

But were the wounds to His flesh

I said the, flesh torn pieces

Not enough for us to hold our peace?

Not enough for two to take a piece out of the book of Love, to

Remember the point of His peace purposed blood

We forget our actions nail him back to that cold cross

Was his pierced body not enough for us to mend the shattered pieces of our own egos

We so quickly forget that the war of wars was won by the real hero

With a promise to be Near to those who sorrow

& to Save those whose hope has ceased

Let’s live for Love today, for a better tomorrow

Remember Side by side is when we withstand defeat

So Take hold of this life and the Light placed inside, give ear to the broken

Let us swallow our pride

& passionately pursue peace

Obedience is better than sacrifice 

Scripture focus: Exodus 17:11-13 (Israelites vs Amalekites)

Whenever Moses held his hands up, the Israelites were winning.

This can signify consecration. Whenever we look to God in a situation rather than ourselves (Moses’ hands down) we will overcome that situation. If we look to our own abilities and external circumstances then we are sure to fail or not do it as well. Either way it won’t be perfectly in line with God’s will.

Also, the fact that he had to seek help to prop up his hands demonstrates that we should surround ourselves with like minded, loyal friends. People that we can trust to help us in difficult situations, people that will also point us to God.

Another perspective is that the task of Moses lifting his hands seemed trivial. Sometimes God will ask us to do things that seem odd or untimely, however trusting Him in the little things is so necessary. If Moses had not kept his hands up, the Israelites would have lost in battle. See, your actions/obedience may be the answer to another person’s prayer or simply character building.

God’s ways are higher than ours so I guess we’ll never fully be able to know or understand every ‘why’ in His decisions. However, rest assured that all things WILL work for the good of those who honour him (Romans 8:28). You have a hope and a future ahead (Jeremiah 29:11) so chin up… Or perhaps, hands up 😉

Keep Twinkling,


Too Young For Ministry?

The verse of the day is: 

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12 NIV)

God used Samuel, David, and Timothy who were all young. If they looked down at themselves because of their age- we wouldn’t have some amazing testimonies and stories in the bible. We are all called to be lights, but is it OK to dim our lights because we’re young?? Absolutely not. Remember, confident people look at their abilities not inabilities. Age really is ‘just a number‘.

Keep Twinkling,


Worth more than a bird?

Hey all,

 ‘Look at the birds… your father in heaven takes care of them!’

Matthew 6:26 is the bible app’s verse of the day which reminds us to be WORRY FREE. 

God is watching over us and caring for our needs even as we speak. He is FAITHFUL. Animals find food and shelter daily – even tiny ants and the multitude of pigeons that exist. They don’t stress over the source of their next meal. Yet why do we still CHOOSE to worry in life? (Yes it is a choice.) Especially about very trivial things???
‘Aren’t you worth much more than birds?’ 

We must have faith that God will provide, and live with the assurance that our worth in God alone gives us the hope of a life of provision. So live with expectancy and thankfully. Because He is faithful indeed. 

 We are His sons, we are His wonderful works, we are worth it. 

 Keep Twinkling,