Tetelestai (It is finished)

Our sin

Paid by His blood

Sealed by his love

Unworthy but under His mercy

His grace

The precious lamb took my place

Took my stripes

Took my flaws

And opened the door so that we can walk in 

Sacrificial love

Cup of suffering 

The atonement for sin

Death could not hold him

Victory belongs to Him

The veil is torn and open, 

Our freedom is won, 

Our chains are broken 

eternal life begun

Resurrected son,

 No equal, he has no rival 

Rejected stone now with chief cornerstone title

& Now We see The power of the cross

We hear The echoes of the empty grave

Because The sinless, took on our sin, to remove sin

And since that final breath that he gave, our life begun

the battle is won 

So Forever we will cry,

Jesus is alive, It is finished, 

Tetelastai ❤

14/04/2017, 9am