Premature Love

Premature Love: The Visual

Don’t awaken love before it’s time

Don’t snatch a heart before it’s prime, before it’s right

Sweetly poisoned by the love songs you fall asleep to at night

Seeking the Light…

But merely hoping that this new guy becomes Mr “Right”

Instead of praying you search the profiles persistent to find the one.

Lamp shade, dimmed hope, seeking warmth from everything but the Son..

…rays, smith and toms you rate yourself low, weigh your worth, paint on a smile, still picture, your beauty is fleeting.

Pieces of your Soul stay tied to every random, time wasting, godless guy

you date.

But you don’t understand that recreation can never recreate what God intended for man and his wife.

Unity, purpose, monogamy, wholeness… to love with ALL of ones life.

Jesus took a knife to his will

A whip to his flesh, in the name of purpose

In the name of love

Mission from above
Yet we start howling and abusing at a mere cuss!?

So we put up the fence of offence in our relationships in the defence of pride

But were the holes in his sides all vein? Blood stained, thorn crowned mane, took OUR blame so relationships can withstand.

Torn curtain so we can truly love and be loved again…

But don’t awaken love before it’s time;

For time is God’s currency.

Love is God’s language,

So we must live in God’s culture, in order to translate.


It lingers

Lonely but not alone


But not broken


But not in pieces

The thoughts keep teasing 


Without You is like

A dog without a bone? 

But remember, alone but not lonely 

Convos breed memories, so I 

Walk down the lane

Emotions pulling at my brain

Thoughts swelling as your name


But tangibility changes, it fades

Cos you’re gone…

Lonely but not alone

…But I’ll never leave or forsake you

Through the valley of shadows 

will comfort You

I will fight for you

I never change

So lean on ME when you’re not strong 

I’ll fill you when you’re drained

I’ll heal you when you’re stained

I’ll take away the pain

‘Cos I AM. ‘Cos I can. 

You’re lonely 

…But you’re never alone.

Sacrificial Love: The love that didn’t die with death

What is love really?

An expression?  An emotion?

Like a gift that can be opened?

Love is something that’s cute

 And within that there’s some truth


But to me,

The fact that God can be spelt


Has opened up my mind to what love can truly be, see…

It’s a love that February 14th

Can’t quite comprehend

Because this type of relationship couldn’t just mend with an

“I love you” if things were tough

Because NOTHING we do could ever be enough,

Unless we ourselves had hung on that Calvary cross


But NO


Jesus already did that for us

When he was whipped, mocked and spat at

Yet he barely even tossed, you see…

Sacrificial love had to come at a cost


So then, If not for His grace

Where would we be?

Merely alive but not living,
Broken and still sinning
We could never win… In fact,

If it wasn’t for the blood

That was shed on the cross,

This sacrificial love for us,

Our living would prove a loss

Everything ‘meaningful’ into



But hallelujah

Glory be

To our Lord that hung on the tree

Not just for me, he or she

But for plural WE  

 He showed a love that literally




He died for us all,

Came and conquered,

Jesus took that fall,

With our sins, our shame our mistakes and He

Wiped every inch away and

Ruled them out of the game

Yet… He wasn’t playing


Now our canvas is clean,

Without a stain

All we have to do is have faith

To obtain this sacrificial love

This new beginning

Because by His stripes we are healed

Past, present and future tense

His love will not change


So you see He loved us first

But now we’re a team,

If we only look within then

We’ll lose the steam

But for Jesus
It may seem obscene

But to go farther, to reach the furthest, the finish line, the goal…

We must look up

We will not strike our foot,

And He will fill our cup


Why choose luck when you can lean on the Rock of salvation?

The Saviour of the nation,

The God of all creation,

We are forgiven because He was forsaken

That is Sacrificial Love.


That is the love that will always be patient, and kind

And all the other things that will probably

Blow your mind


A love that slid into history like a glove

The symbol of love

A love that silently screamed salvation

…Yes, you may say you’ve heard this all before

But love,

Do we really give it enough appreciation?


Think about it,

The curtain was opaque

But because of the weight that He bore,

It split into a thousand beams of beautiful rays and

Now we are lights reflecting Jesus’ love

Because we are SAVED,

we are FREED, and

I’ll forever stand amazed

At what my God did for me,


I said we are SAFE, we are FREE,    

 I will FOREVER stand amazed

At what my God did for me

Summed up in verse 16 of John 3.


Sacrificial Love.